Guinness cake, twice. Ooops.

Somehow, good intentions notwithstanding, we seem to have had some kind of a cake “on the go” non-stop since Christmas. I might have to do some renewal of resolutions for Lent…

I’m not going to dwell on the glory of this particular cake for too long, but suffice to say that it was so good we’ve managed to have two of them in the last few weeks!

Nigella’s Chocolate Guinness Cake is a true marvel. It has hardly any chocolate in it, but somehow the dark Guinness seems to give it depth and a slightly bitter, fudgey, grown-up edge. And all that darkness is contrasted with beautifully in the light, tangy cream cheese frosting (which I would happily, happily eat in large quantities with a spoon – who needs the cake!).

My mum got one of these as her 60th birthday cake, and I made another (with gluten-free flour) for the visitation of the in-laws (one of whom is gluten-intolerant).

Both of the cakes sank a little in the middle (I can’t tell if it’s supposed to do that, or if I’ve just not got the hang of the new oven yet!), but it doesn’t matter at all as the icing is thick enough to fill any dips. The gluten-free version held its shape pretty well, and other than a slightly chalky texture (which you barely noticed) it was almost identical.

The recipe is in the Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame, in Feast, or you can (helpfully) find it on Nigella’s website, here.

I highly recommend it.


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