A year in bread

Last year, I made a new year’s resolution that I actually stuck to. All year.

In late December 2011, I was given a sourdough starter. For 2012, I pledged to a) keep Celia the Sourdough healthy and well-fed and b) make a lot more of our bread.

All in, it worked. There have been ups and downs, risers and non-risers, glorious crusty fluffy loaves and the odd brickish pancake. But I don’t think we bought more than 5 loaves all year.

(Observation: paying £5 for a leaden sourdough from the posh market hurts.)

But, despite 2012 being the year of the homemade loaf, I don’t have much to show for it – though there must have been not far off 150 of them. I know that some worked better than others, I know they rose differently on the few warm Summer days. But I have no notes, no record, and no real way of learning what makes some a success and some not.

So, for 2013, a new project – a year in bread! The plan is to snap and blog all the loaves, pizzas and other bready products, and keep a few notes about what they’re like and (if I know them) the whys, too.

I’m hoping there’ll be more crusty risen delights than dense over-sour splats, but I pledge to record the good, the bad and the ugly.

So, here’s to 2013: a year in bread!


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