A year in bread #3


Sourdough loaf (huge)

This one was (is) a massive 1kg white-flour beast that I made as we were having people round for lunch. We had it spread with brie baked with garlic – a thing of beauty! It was quite a wet dough, and given the size and weight of it it seems to have spread outwards as much as it rose. Inside, it’s soft and light with loads of airholes.

I’ve been trying for ages to recreate the texture of Maltese bread – a soft airy inside, with a thick tasty crust. I think I’ve got the knack for getting it as close as I can – I bake the bread quickly in a top heat oven (the hottest ours does is 240, tho it’s fan assisted so it might be a touch more). Then, once the bread is out and cooled I chuck it back in at 240 for about five minutes. This seems to crisp up the crust without overcooking the bread inside.

Next task is to get a nice wet dough that cooks with lovely big, irregular airholes without it spreading so much horizontally in the oven!


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