A year in bread #5: pizza!














First pizza of the year!

One of the benefits of having all this bread dough hanging around in the fridge is how easy and quick it is to knock out a quality pizza.

It’s the same white-brown mix as bread #4, which gives a really nice texture and flavour to the base. The toppings are something akin to a diavola, or an American hot. We have a pizza stone and a pretty hot oven – I let the stone heat up for at least half an hour before cooking. I also use a very reduced tomato sauce, and not too much of it, and squeeze some of the moisture out of the mozzarella, which helps it stay crisp.


One of my other new year’s resolutions us to buy a second pizza stone, so I can do two at once, as the second one’s never quite as good – I guess cause the heat in the oven and stone drops a bit from opening up etc.


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