Koftas with aubergines and tomato sauce


Oli travels to the Middle East a lot with work, and we both love Eastern Mediterranean flavours, so for Christmas I got him (…err, honest it was for him) a beautiful book called The Lebanese Kitchen.

It is huge, and comprehensive, and the pages are beautifully edged as of they’ve been cut with pinking shears. In terms of breadth of content, it feels a lot like the Silver Spoon.

We’ve had a rare restful weekend, so decided to try a new recipe last night – koftas, baked on top of griddled aubergines, in a rich and fragrant tomato sauce, topped with toasted pine nuts.

Mmmmmmm! The koftas were beautifully tender, and flecked with lovely green parsley. They’re slowly baked in the oven so all the flavours melt together. The koftas and the sauce are both flavoured with Lebanese seven spice mix (can’t remember what they are!), and they all blend beautifully.

We had it with cumin mashed potato and salad.

Definitely a keeper!


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