A year in bread #16


A bready photostory

I decided to mix it up a bit my snapping the sourdough process from start to finish (the loaves were starting to look a bit samey!).

So, from left to right, this is…..

Starter when it comes out of the fridge, before feeding (about 2 inches up the jar).

Starter after feeding and then resting for 8 hours or so – you get this amazing ribbony texture – it’s like a sheet of shiny wet dough.

Bread after being mixed and kneaded, before rising (630g flour, 10g salt, 200g starter topped up with warm water to make 500ml liquid).

Bread after about 6 hours rising – easily doubled in size.

Half the dough after shaping.

The dough after 3-4 hours’ second rise – again, it easily doubles in that time. It’s a bit quicker on the second rise.

After scoring (I do it pretty deeply).

After baking.

After spreading with tomato paste, olive oil, sea salt and black pepper (Ħobż biżżejt).


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