More aubergines….!


Haricot beans and aubergines with a parmesan crust

I was rooting around in my recipe file yesterday, to find the figolli recipe, and came across this lovely Nigel Slater recipe from the Observer from a couple of years ago:

I think we made it once before, staycationing in the Peak District the week after the magazine came out, and it seemed the dream recipe to wheel out for a snowy March afternoon.

Stodgy but flavoursome (poss due to the trebling of garlic I put in the crust), it also manages to taste pretty healthy (and fitted in the pre-wedding points regime!).

It’s gone on the meals list for 2013 – in a bid to vary our repertoire we’ve stuck a list on the fridge of meal options…. we’re up to 22 regular recipes now, which means I’m no longer falling back on the good old aubergine pasta quite so often (sad times). Though in fairness I think a good quarter of the recipes involve an aubergine in one form or another, so I’m getting my regular fix. Phew.


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