A year in bread #22


Sourdough loaf

I expect this picture looks just like the last one I posted. Bloomer-ish, some daft photo effects to make it a bit arty and a bit less like a photo of a loaf of bread…

It’s actually nicer than the last loaf. Lighter and fluffier, with bigger airholes, spread quite evenly throughout (I often get lovely big airholes near the crust, and a denser crumb inside).

It’s also surprising that it’s fluffier, as it’s over half wholemeal brown flour, whereas I usually only use a third brown. But I could tell before it went in the oven that it would be a good’un. It rose really well on its prove, and kept its shape well when I slashed it.

What I find frustrating is the many variables that make it hard to figure out why some loaves come out better than others. Flour varieties and proportions? Small differences in dough wetness? Better shaping? Room temp? Proving time? Slash spacing and speed? All of the above?

I don’t know the answer. I have a sneaking suspicion that this dough was slightly less hydrated than usual, which might have helped it keep its shape after I slashed it. So I might try for a slightly drier dough next time. And I least I know that more wholemeal flour does not have to mean a dense loaf.

Onwards to the next batch!


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