Lamb + cheese + potatoes = Easter delight


This Easter, we stayed at home. Well, once the many & varied Church services were over, that is.

Normally, Easter means lunch with one set of family or another, but this year – with the boy jetting off for work on the Tuesday – we decided to stay put for once.

So this, then, was the first opportunity I have had to cook an Easter lamb recipe I have been saving up for years… It’s in Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escape, and it’s a layered dish of (wait for it) potatoes, lamb, garlic, tomatoes, pecorino, parmesan, and lashings of olive oil. Yes, all those things IN THE SAME POT. Glory be. (And it’s only one pot, so it’s virtually washing up free!)

I faffed with the recipe a bit, to make it for two, not six. Though I think I kept the potato quantities more or less the same – seriously, 800g spuds for six people?!


I won’t go into the method in any great detail, as it’s basically a layering job.

Glug of olive oil, third of potatoes (peeled, thickly sliced), half the lamb (lean leg, cubed), handful of cherry tomatoes (halved, seeds squeezed out), thyme, loads of garlic, handful of pecorino and parmesan. Repeat. Finally, top with remaining spuds and a handful more cheese. Season and glug oil liberally as you go.

I also poured a cup of water down the side to help it all steam – I would definitely recommend this


Cover, and bake on about 150 for an hour or so. Uncover, and bake for another half hour (to an hour) until golden and oozing on the top. The spuds should be soft all the way through, but crispy on top.

Oh my, it was a revelation. All my favourite flavours, soft and crunchy, rich with cheese and olive oil….. Apparently the recipe’s originally from Puglia – where we’re heading for our honeymoon this Summer. SO EXCITED NOW!

We didn’t make pudding. Instead, I ate a very lot of these beauties:




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